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Conformal coating process in PCB Assembly manufacturing

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What's conformal coating?
Conformal coating is the process of spraying a dielectric material onto a device component to protect it from moisture, fungus, dust,corrosion, abrasion, and other environmental stresses. Common conformal coatings include silicone, acrylic, urethane, epoxy, and Parylene.Parylene is a unique polymer conformal
coating that conforms to virtually any shape including crevices, points, sharp edges, and flat, exposed internal surfaces. Parylene is a higher level coating process. It used on high quality, reliable,precision requirement products,such as medicalequipments
Three normal way to do conformal coating process
1.Brush coating
2.Spray application coating
3.Conformal coating dipping
Conformal Coating Curing & Drying
Different Methods of curing / drying are available depending on the conformal coating material.Solvent & Water based conformal Coatings For standard solvent based acrylics, air drying (film forming) is the normal process except where speed is essential. Then accelerated heat curing can be used, using batch or inline ovens /conveyors and using typical cure profiles such as which are designed for max efficient curing without damage to the coating.Water based conformal coatings can be treated in the same manner but with more care with the application of the heat due to the slower drying times.

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